Wolfram Research Releases Home Edition of Mathematica 7

At last, there’s a cheap version of Mathematica available now for personal use.  Mathematica Home Edition is only $295.  It’s a 32-bit version of Mathematica 7 available for Windows (2000/XP/Vista), Mac OS X, and Linux.

According to the Wolfram Research web site, this is a full featured Mathematica.  You can also use it for homeworks if you are a student, although it’s cheaper to get the Student Edition for that.  You may not use it in a professional/business setting.

With this reasonably priced Mathematica, many math and science hobbyists can now avail of the power of this software.  I’ve been meaning to get this software for sometime now but it has always been beyond my budget (about $2000+).  Now, it’s reasonably priced!