Firefox Quantum Is Very Fast

A couple of weeks ago, I downloaded the new Firefox web browser (v. 57) which Mozilla named Firefox Quantum. For a couple of minutes, I had to get used to the user interface which differed from Google Chrome. As I started browsing, I noticed that web sites loaded faster and the browsing experience was snappier . . . → Read More: Firefox Quantum Is Very Fast

New MacBook Pro

I recently got myself a 2015 13″ MacBook Pro. I had it customized with 16 MB of RAM and a 512 GB flash drive. It’s a nice and fast machine. The Retina display is also very pleasant to the eyes.

I put some computational applications such as Mathematica 10 Home Edition and Matlab 2015 Home . . . → Read More: New MacBook Pro

MATLAB Home Edition Now Available

MATLAB finally has a Home Edtion just like Mathematica’s Home Edition. This is great news for hobbyists who normally wouldn’t want to shell out thousands of dollars just to get a regular license. Like Mathematica’s Home Edition, MATLAB Home Edition cannot be used for commercial, academic or non-profit applications. You can also buy add-ons for . . . → Read More: MATLAB Home Edition Now Available

The PlayStation 4

On November 15, at 0001 hrs, I was lucky enough to purchase a PlayStation 4 at After a few minutes, all the available units were gone. I had the package delivered overnight.

The package was light and seemed smaller than the original PlayStation 3 package. I immediately opened it to see if everything . . . → Read More: The PlayStation 4

16GiB of RAM Feels Good

Upgrading my iMac from 12 GiB to 16 GiB of RAM makes things feel faster. Actually, it simply allows more breathing room for multiple applications to run concurrently,  avoiding things like swapping to disk.

I utilize a bunch of virtual machines (VMs) running different flavors of Linux and,  at certain times,  Microsoft Windows 8. Once in . . . → Read More: 16GiB of RAM Feels Good

2013 Is Here

Another year has passed and I haven’t updated this site much. Many things have happened but most of them are trivial.

I still have to catch up on Yamato 2199.

Mazinkaiser SKL: A Great Action-Packed Anime

I just finished watching the 3-part saga of “Mazinkaiser SKL” and was very satisfied with it. The pace was fast and full of battle scenes. The Blu-ray disc release by Anime Works was very good, albeit lacking a bit on special features. The total run time for this anime was about 80 minutes. Music was . . . → Read More: Mazinkaiser SKL: A Great Action-Packed Anime

2012 Is Here

It’s been quite a while since I last posted something in this blog. It’s 2012 now and it feels good.

A New Year means new things to do. There are things that I plan to do in the coming months that may involve a lot of hard work. Things have been boring so I have . . . → Read More: 2012 Is Here

Microsoft Greets Linux Happy Birthday

As a friendly gesture (I think), Microsoft has made a video wishing Linux happy 20th birthday. It is an interesting video that has animation of a penguin (Tux, I suppose) side by side a Bill Gates-like person carrying a birthday cake. Is this a ploy of some sort? Or just an honest wish?

Perhaps Microsoft . . . → Read More: Microsoft Greets Linux Happy Birthday

HTML5 and Semantic Markups

I just got a book from called HTML5 & CSS3 For The Real World. Published by Sitepoint, this book is a wonderful read. The still-evolving new HTML specification has a lot of semantic markups that help web authors add meaning to the various components of a web page. These semantic markups not only give . . . → Read More: HTML5 and Semantic Markups