Mazinkaiser SKL: A Great Action-Packed Anime

I just finished watching the 3-part saga of “Mazinkaiser SKL” and was very satisfied with it.  The pace was fast and full of battle scenes.  The Blu-ray disc release by Anime Works was very good, albeit lacking a bit on special features.  The total run time for this anime was about 80 minutes.  Music was powered by some heavy metal songs that added to the intensity of the battle sequences.

For an overview of the plot, you can read the Wikipedia article here.

If you’ve seen the other Mazin machine anime such as Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, and Mazinkaiser, you’ll note that Mazinkaiser SKL is operated not by just one pilot but two pilots who take turns operating the robot.  One pilot is an expert in guns and projectile weapons while the other is proficient in sword fighting.  Both pilots are pretty intense.

Mazinkaiser SKL, which integrates a skull-like design, is very powerful, able to defeat a horde of enemy robots.  Witness the battle against these robot hordes and one-to-one combat with very powerful robot enemies.

There are references to other Go Nagai characters, both robots and beings.  Some of the enemy robots have similar designs to enemy robots of the previous Mazin robots.  The female robot Wingle integrates some designs taken from Devil Lady and other Go Nagai female robots.  Even Mazinkaiser SKL’s detachable wings resemble that of Devilman‘s.



Star Trek:The Next Generation Movies On Blu-ray

There has been an announcement that Paramount is releasing a 5-disc Blu-ray set of all the Star Trek:The Next Generation movies this Fall.  This is our chance to see the movies in 1080p resolution and HD audio.  I am wondering now when are they releasing the Next Generation series on Blu-ray like they did with the original series.

Blu-ray players are still expensive and most people are probably waiting for a reasonably priced player.  Perhaps a $149.99 Blu-ray player with the latest Profile is the new sweet spot.  I wonder if the complex licensing scheme for Blu-ray is hindering the arrival of cheaper players.  With more cheap Blu-ray players around the corner, an additional number of people will be able to enjoy their favorite movies in High Definition.

Some Sites Of Interest

I have this routine for web surfing everyday.  I usually start with and C|Net News reading the interesting news there.  I then head to ArsTechnica for some more tech news.  Gizmodo is a favorite of mine when I’m checking out the latest gadgetry.  Finally, I check Linux Today to see how my favorite operating system is doing on the planet.

Today’s news is something I also check, surfing the sites, Wired, and USA Today.  Once in awhile, I check out The New York Times as well.

There are a number of other sites I check:  PC Magazine, ExtremeTech, Freshmeat.Net for the latest software, High-Def Digest for the latest in high definition gear and software, plus others.

Check out the sites I mentioned above.

The New Playstation 3 80GB

Tomorrow, the new Playstation 3 80GB model will be released here in the U.S.A.  It will come with DUALSHOCK 3 controllers (which supercede the previous Six Axis controllers) and will be bundled with the much awaited game, Metal Gear Solid 4.

A friend of mine is ordering one tonight.  He wants to finally take full advantage of his HDTV (a Sony Bravia).  Aside from playing games, watching Blu-ray movies is the goal.

My Playstation 3 is the 40GB model.  It has been serving me well both as a Blu-ray disc player and as a game console.  Once in awhile, I pop in a CD and watch the nice visualization.  Right now, I am also thinking of getting the DUALSHOCK 3 controllers.  Maybe I’ll get them when I have Metal Gear Solid 4 already.