The New Playstation 3 80GB

Tomorrow, the new Playstation 3 80GB model will be released here in the U.S.A.  It will come with DUALSHOCK 3 controllers (which supercede the previous Six Axis controllers) and will be bundled with the much awaited game, Metal Gear Solid 4.

A friend of mine is ordering one tonight.  He wants to finally take full advantage of his HDTV (a Sony Bravia).  Aside from playing games, watching Blu-ray movies is the goal.

My Playstation 3 is the 40GB model.  It has been serving me well both as a Blu-ray disc player and as a game console.  Once in awhile, I pop in a CD and watch the nice visualization.  Right now, I am also thinking of getting the DUALSHOCK 3 controllers.  Maybe I’ll get them when I have Metal Gear Solid 4 already.