2013 Is Here

Another year has passed and I haven’t updated this site much.  Many things have happened but most of them are trivial.

I still have to catch up on Yamato 2199.

Microsoft Greets Linux Happy Birthday

As a friendly gesture (I think), Microsoft has made a video wishing Linux happy 20th birthday.  It is an interesting video that has animation of a penguin (Tux, I suppose) side by side a Bill Gates-like person carrying a birthday cake. Is this a ploy of some sort?  Or just an honest wish?

Perhaps Microsoft is starting to learn to live with the reality that Linux is here to stay.

Microsoft Wishes Linux Happy Birthday
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MacBooks in Aluminum (Aluminium)

It is wonderful to see the new MacBooks in aluminum.  I would say that the design makes it more consistent with the rest of the laptops of Apple Inc.  However, I am disappointed that they removed Firewire 400 support, leaving users with only 2 USB ports to use.

I’m not sure if I can connect and use my Sony Handicam DCR-HC36 video camera which has both Firewire and USB.  On my old Mac mini, the camera is supported only via Firewire (as far as iMovie ’06 goes).  I still have to try iMovie ’08 to see if USB will work.  Newer video cameras are supposedly supported via USB.

In a couple of weeks, I might be purchasing a nice MacBook.  I need a spare machine for my desktop anyway.  I’ll just have to give up Firewire though.