MacBooks in Aluminum (Aluminium)

It is wonderful to see the new MacBooks in aluminum.  I would say that the design makes it more consistent with the rest of the laptops of Apple Inc.  However, I am disappointed that they removed Firewire 400 support, leaving users with only 2 USB ports to use.

I’m not sure if I can connect and use my Sony Handicam DCR-HC36 video camera which has both Firewire and USB.  On my old Mac mini, the camera is supported only via Firewire (as far as iMovie ’06 goes).  I still have to try iMovie ’08 to see if USB will work.  Newer video cameras are supposedly supported via USB.

In a couple of weeks, I might be purchasing a nice MacBook.  I need a spare machine for my desktop anyway.  I’ll just have to give up Firewire though.