The iPad Is Unleashed

It’s been a few days since the iPad was released to the public, generating a lot of buzz in the press and on the Internet.  There’s even one YouTube video of some guys smashing an iPad, presumably the cheapest model.

I visited our neighborhood Apple Store in the Galleria Mall and tried it out.  I was curious about the landscape-mode virtual keyboard and tried to type something.  I could get used to it after awhile but I was making mistakes.  I imagined myself using an iPad in some café writing an entry to this blog.

There’s a lot of things in my mind now as far as wanting gadgets is concerned.  I want this iPad and I want an iMac.  As for the iMac, I’m waiting for Apple refresh their current line of models to include the new Intel processors.  The iPad is a luxury for me, but I might like using it in my living room while watching TV.