Space Battleship Yamato Live Action Movie Released

About a week ago, the live action movie version of Space Battleship Yamato was released to theaters in Japan.  SBY was an anime shown back in the early 70’s that had great influence on the development of anime.  It was later released in the USA as “Star Blazers“, with the ship renamed as “The Argo”.

The Yamato was Japan’s Navy’s flagship during World War 2.  In the anime (and most probably in the movie too), they used the structure of the sunken ship as basis for the space battleship.

If you visit the SBY website, you can watch the new trailer for the movie.  The effects look good and it should since they spent a lot of money on this movie, with movie tie-ins everywhere in Japan.  I hope they release a nice replica of the Space Battleship Yamato.  I’ll check again on eBay if it’s available already.