There’s a rumor floating around that Apple may update the Mac mini with what’s inside those new MacBooks.  If true, I will be quite happy to upgrade my first-generation Intel Core Duo-based Mac mini (running at 1.66 GHz).  There is still hope yet for the loveable Mac mini.

Meanwhile, my MacBook has been doing fine.  I am now typing in the dark with just the keyboard backlight on.  The backlit keyboard really is useful under these conditions.  Too bad the 2.0 GHz version of the MacBook doesn’t have the backlit keyboard.  It should come standard since I don’t think it is much trouble to include it.

Reading the latest Costco magazine, I found out the VMware Fusion can be had for $ 49.99 on Costco.com.  However, when I went to the site, the price was $59.99.  What gives?  It would have been nice if the price was as printed in the magazine.  Anyway, it is still cheaper than buying it from Amazon.com by just about $3 or more.

I was looking at a couple of sites that sell DDR3 memory for the new MacBook.  On MacSales.com,  a 4 GB kit costs about $129.99.  Meanwhile, Crucial sells theirs for $141.99.  I used to buy from Crucial and I’ve been happy with my purchases.

I was browsing around the social networking sites to check on my friends.  I commented on a few status messages and even had a chat with a schoolmate from college.  I find these sites useful for communicating with old friends, and even some friends whom you meet along the way.

Looks like there are a lot more games coming out now for the PlayStation 3.  This is good news for PS3 gamers.  A dearth of good games that take advantage of the power of the PS3 has haunted the game console for a couple of years now.  Hopefully, these new titles don’t disappoint.

Well, I’m starting to feel sleepy now….whatever……