No New Mac mini (yet)

Apple Inc. finally came out and said that they’re done with computer product updates for the year, quashing hopes of a new kind of Mac mini.  Perhaps next year then.  🙂

Meanwhile, my 2006 Intel Mac mini is chugging along with a new 320GB hard drive.  The new hard drive has helped improve the performance of the computer a bit.  Also, it gives me more breathing room for other stuff like videos and music.

The backlit-keyboard of the new MacBook turned out to be useful in dark places.  I used my laptop while lying in bed and the lights off.  The AC adapter was not connected so I was running on the laptop battery.  I was able to browse, stream music from the Internet, and check email for 3 hours and 15 minutes.  That wasn’t bad except that it fell short of the 5 hours maximum Apple specified in the specs for the MacBook.

And so continues my adventure with the MacBook…….