MATLAB Should Have A Home Edition Too

Recall that I wrote about Wolfram Research offering a Home Edition version of Mathematica 7.  A lot of engineering and scientific applications use MATLAB too.  However, the only way to get the cheap edition of MATLAB is to be a student.  Otherwise, you’d have to pay about $2000 for the software license.  I believe that the Mathworks should consider offering a Home Edition of MATLAB too for those who want to tinker with some engineering and scientific computations in a non-commercial setting.

2 thoughts on “MATLAB Should Have A Home Edition Too”

  1. We agree – Matlab pricing has never made sense to us. That said, they are making a lot of money with their prices the way they are.

    This is one of the reasons we’ve launched Monkey Analytics ( – to bring an affordable (free on up) Matlab experience to the rest of us.

    Monkey Analytics delivers Octave and Python sessions via a web interface – ie think Matlab in the cloud. We’re iterating post-launch, and spreading the gospel to interested parties :-).

    ~Francesca | Founder, Monkey Analytics |

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