Will Apple Change Things Again?

Apple is going to unveil a new product today that will supposedly change the way we do things one more time.  A new device is rumored to be the new product, possibly a tablet that functions as a souped-up iPod touch but with more features.  Pricing will be an issue: the price must meet the sweet spot for most users who want to buy the device.

What should this tablet do?  Aside from running most iPhone and iPod touch applications, it should also function as a reader like Amazon’s Kindle.  Games might be more fun on a bigger screen.

Basic applications such as email, web browser, word processor and even spreadsheet might turn out to be more usable on a tablet.  Perhaps this tablet can be connected to other devices including a keyboard and a mouse (although the latter might not be needed since the tablet is touch sensitive already).

Whatever.  I hope it does a lot of useful and fun things for it to be worth buying.  I hope inputting text does become easier, given the size of the thing.  Anyway, in a few hours, the mystery will be revealed.

Have fun!