The iPad

Finally, it’s official: a tablet computer from Apple named the iPad.  The iPad starts shipping sometime March of this year.

It’s a nice device that somehow fits between an iPod touch/iPhone and a notebook as far as functionality is concerned.  One thing missing is a web cam so you could use software like Skype or iChat for videoconferencing (Note: Though Skype is available for the iPod touch/iPhone, the iChat isn’t as far as I know).

An iPad version of iWork will be available soon enough.  This will be a useful set of applications (spreadsheet, word processor and presentation) to those who need to make or read documents.  Most applications already on iTunes App Store will work without need for modification although software developers will have to slightly modify their products to take full advantage of the iPad’s large screen size.

Pricing is okay: it starts at $ 499 for a 16GB WiFi-only model.  This is, for an Apple device, okay but may still be steep for non-Apple users.

1 thought on “The iPad”

  1. It is a very good stuff. Maybe hapend the same with iPhone and iPod Touch, at the beginning we were a bit afraid get one of those tactile stuff, but now everyone has one of those. We have the Apple experience and the iPhone community behind. So, probably this iPad will be one of my purchases for this year. Also, I can´t wait to see my games running on this amazing screen!

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