New Blog Site

I migrated to today because I wanted more control over the site.  It wasn’t too difficult to migrate and setup WordPress on another server since I read the manual.  😉

WordPress is suitable for my purposes at this moment.  If I need to migrate to something else like Drupal, I’ll just have to do it.  WordPress already has enough features to keep me happy in the years to come.

I hope to write more often this time.  It’s not easy for me to think of a topic to write about simply because I keep myself busy with other things.  Perhaps I need to structure my time a bit more so I can spend more time on blogging.

By the way, take a peek at these websites:

LinuxUnbound is one of my sites where I post stuff about Linux.  Alumni.NET, on the other hand, is a global organization registry that has been around since 1994.  It started as a simple registry for a single high school.  It now features some social networking features.

Well, I’ll post more stuff later.