New Blog Site

I migrated to today because I wanted more control over the site.  It wasn’t too difficult to migrate and setup WordPress on another server since I read the manual.  😉

WordPress is suitable for my purposes at this moment.  If I need to migrate to something else like Drupal, I’ll just have to do it.  WordPress already has enough features to keep me happy in the years to come.

I hope to write more often this time.  It’s not easy for me to think of a topic to write about simply because I keep myself busy with other things.  Perhaps I need to structure my time a bit more so I can spend more time on blogging.

By the way, take a peek at these websites:

LinuxUnbound is one of my sites where I post stuff about Linux.  Alumni.NET, on the other hand, is a global organization registry that has been around since 1994.  It started as a simple registry for a single high school.  It now features some social networking features.

Well, I’ll post more stuff later.

Trying Out Aardvark

I have recently been using Aardvark, a service recently acquired by Google, to ask questions about things of interests such as computer and martial arts stuff.  The service works by forwarding your questions to experts selected using some AI algorithm.  The company that runs Aardvark does employ PhDs in artificial intelligence to build and enhance the service.

Aardvark is promoted as a social search engine.  You can post and receive messages via a number of ways including instant messaging or mobile phones.  There’s also a way of linking your Aardvark account to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

So far, I’ve been receiving pretty good information about the things I asked.  I encourage you all to try the service.  Google seems to have plans to integrate this to their products as part of their initiative to enhance their prowess in social networking stuff.  Right now, Aardvark is part of Google Labs and is still active.